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Title: Windows Of Time
Artist: Patrick Moraz
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1st January, 1994
Length: 59:43
Label: I-Spirit
Producer: Patrick Moraz

Windows Of Time is a solo album by Patrick Moraz. This album has been critically well recieved. It was released in 1994. The album was divided into three sections: "Archetypes", which is the first four songs; "Rite Of Passage", comprising of tracks 5 to 11; and "Sanctuary", the last three tracks.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Invocation (7:10)
    1. Aural Contact I
    2. Sacrifices
  2. Soul Eternal (5:20)
  3. Initiation (4:08)
    1. Aural Contact II
  4. Lost Way (4:11)
  5. Kaaru (3:48)
  6. Oral Contact: Shout (0:05)
  7. Talisman (6:19)
  8. Gaia Tea "Reflections" (5:43)
  9. Festival (5:53)
  10. "Reflections" Too (1:53)
  11. The Best Years Of Our Lives (3:49)
  12. Isle Of View (4:29)
  13. Liberation (5:58)
  14. Ascend (1:07)

Musicians Edit

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