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12 Inches On Tape

Album Cover

Title: Twelve Inches On Tape
Artist: Yes
Type: Remix Album
Released: 1984
Recorded: 1983-1984
Label: ATCO Records
Producer: Trevor Horn

Twelve Inches On Tape - Yes released an album on the Atlantic label (ATCO Records) in 1984 called "Twelve Inches On Tape" (released on album as well, title unavailable). This (now) rarity offered listeners three remixes of their top charting singles from 90125: two of "Leave It" and one of "Owner of a Lonely Heart," as well as the album version of "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

Track Listing Edit

  1. Leave It (Remix)
  2. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Red And Blue Mix)
  3. Leave It (Hello, Goodbye Mix)
  4. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Album Version)

Musicians Edit

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