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Title: The VROOOM Sessions
Artist: King Crimson
Type: Collector's Club Album
Released: December, 1999
Recorded: 1994
Label: Discipline Global Mobile
Producer: King Crimson

The VROOOM Sessions is the 8th Collectors' Club release. It is an album of studio sessions and rehearsals by the band King Crimson, released through the King Crimson Collectors' Club in December 1999.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Bass Groove (4:34)
  2. Fashionable (4:59)
  3. Monster Jam (8:38)
  4. Slow Mellow (2:57)
  5. Krim 3 (3:20)
  6. Funky Jam (4:47)
  7. Bill And Tony (1:36)
  8. No Questions Asked (3:24)
  9. Adrian's Clouds (1:39)
  10. Calliope (5:58)
  11. One Time (5:24)
  12. Booga Looga (3:45)

Musicians Edit

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