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Title: The Sound Of Surprise
Artist: Earthworks
Type: Studio Album
Released: 2001
Recorded: Nov. 2000
Label: Discipline Global Mobile
Producer: Bill Bruford

The Sound Of Surprise is a studio album by Earthworks. Recorded and mixed in Livingston Studios, London in November 2000, and released in 2001.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Revel Without A Pause (7:33)
  2. Triplicity (6:22)
  3. The Shadow Of A Doubt (6:07)
  4. Teaching Vera To Dance (8:14)
  5. Half Life (5:18)
  6. Come To Dust (9:56)
  7. Cloud Cuckoo Land (6:05)
  8. Never The Same Way Once (7:22)
  9. The Wooden Man Sings, And The Stone Woman Dances (7:42)
    1. Prelude
    2. The Wooden Man Sings
    3. ...And The Stone Woman Dances'
  10. Live Concert (Video Track)

Musicians Edit

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