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Title: The New Gospels
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Type: Video/DVD
Released: 1996
Label: Hope Vision
Producer: Rick Wakeman

The New Gospels is a Video/DVD by Rick Wakeman. It was released in 1996.

"Seemed like a really good idea at the time and almost made it to being good, but lacked the money needed to make it what it should have been. I'd love to do it properly one day if given the chance. Wait until I do it again. There were four cases of sunstroke during the shoot in Peel Castle! I was one of them!" - Rick Wakeman

Track Listing Edit

  1. Galilee
  2. The Word
  3. Power
  4. The Gift
  5. The Magnificat
  6. The Welcoming
  7. Welcome A Star
  8. The Way
  9. The Baptism
  10. Tempt Him
  11. The Sermon On The Mount
  12. The Lord's Prayer
  13. The Road To Jerusalem
  14. Trial And Error
  15. Await The Hour
  16. The Cross
  17. Children Of Mine
  18. The Last Verse

Musicians Edit

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