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Title: The Gospels
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1987
Label: Stylus
Producer: Tony Clark & Rick Wakeman

The Gospels is an album by Rick Wakeman, released in 1987. It is not a rock interpretation of the bible, but rather Rick's own interpretation of the four gospels using his keyboards, an operatic tenor, a choir, and a narrator.

Track Listing Edit

The Gospel According To St. Matthew Edit

  1. The Baptism (4:25)
  2. The Welcoming (4:55)
  3. The Sermon On The Mount (8:24)
  4. The Lord's Prayer (3:40)

The Gospel According To St. Mark Edit

  1. The Way (3:49)
  2. The Road To Jerusalem (6:38)
  3. Trial And Error (8:00)
  4. Galilee (3:35)

The Gospel According To St. Luke Edit

  1. The Gift (5:35)
  2. The Magnificat (4:20)
  3. Welcome A Star (5:07)
  4. Power (4:26)

The Gospel According To St. John Edit

  1. The Word (2:48)
  2. The Hour (5:29)
  3. The Children Of Mine (14:17)
  4. The Last Verse (1:15)

Musicians Edit

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