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Title: The Best Of South America
Artist: Jon Anderson
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1994
Label: Iron Clad Entertainment
Producer: Jon Anderson

The Best Of South America is a solo album by Jon Anderson. There is some debate about the legitimacy of this release, although Yes Magazine solicited it as an "official CD" by Jon Anderson. The flyer accompanying the package explained that "we [Yes Magazine] were first offered the set to sell by Jon's organization," which tends to suggest Anderson's authorization (at least at some point).

Track Listing Edit

  1. Hearts (7:51)
  2. And You And I (6:29)
  3. Time And A Word (4:50)
  4. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (4:06)
  5. State Of Independence (8:18)
  6. I've Seen All Good People (6:09)
  7. Love Will Find A Way (5:01)

Musicians Edit

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