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Title: Syndestructible
Artist: The Syn
Type: Studio Album
Released: 2005
Label: Umbrello Records
Producer: Paul Stacey & Gerald Johnson

Syndestructible is an album by The Syn. The album grew out of a reunion of The Syn in 2004, but only two members of that line-up remain: Nardelli and Johnson. Squire was, of course, a member of the band first time round and they are joined here by Paul Stacey (who ownes the studio were the 2004 recordings mostly took place) and his twin brother Jeremy.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Breaking Down Walls (0:51)
  2. Some Time, Some Way (7:56)
  3. Reach Outro (3:38)
  4. Cathedral Of Love (8:58)
  5. City Of Dreams (9:38)
  6. Golden Age (8:07)
  7. The Promise (13:28)

Musicians Edit

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