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Title: Rock 'N' Roll Prophet Plus
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1991
Length: 60:02
Label: President
Producer: Rick Wakeman

Rock 'N' Roll Prophet Plus is a re-release of Rock 'N' Roll Prophet by Rick Wakeman. It also has some extra tracks, and was released in 1991.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Return Of The Prophet (6:03)
  2. I'm So Straight I'm A Weirdo (3:54)
  3. The Dragon (3:34)
  4. Dark (5:07)
  5. Alpha Sleep (6:00)
  6. Maybe '80 (5:27)
  7. March Of The Child Soldiers (6:05)
  8. Early Warning (3:34)
  9. Spy Of '55 (5:07)
  10. Stalemate (5:55)
  11. Do You Believe In Fairies? (4:29)
  12. Rock 'N' Roll Prophet (4:40)

Musicians Edit

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