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Title: Requiem For The Americas: Songs From The Lost World
Artist: Jonathan Elias
Type: Studio Album
Released: January 11th, 1990
Recorded; 1989
Label: Enigma
Producer: Jonathan Elias, Sherman Foote

Requiem For The Americas: Songs From The Lost World is an album by Jonathan Elias. Released in 1990, it features an extraordinarily large amount of guest musicians.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Within The Lost World (7:21)
  2. I've Not Forgotten You (5:45)
  3. Du He Kah (The Healer) (7:35)
  4. Invisible Man (4:45)
  5. Talk With Grandfather (1:43)
  6. Follow In My Footsteps (5:07)
  7. The Journey (2:34)
  8. The Chant Movement (6:18)
  9. Born In The Dreamtime (1:44)
  10. Far Far Cry (6:51)
    • Part I: Far Far Cry
    • Part II: Let There By Peace
  11. Father And Son (2:52)

Musicians Edit

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