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Title: Reduction
Artist: Peter Banks
Type: Studio Album
Released: 1997
Recorded: Spring - Summer 1997
Length: 46:25
Label: HTD Records Limited
Producer: Peter Banks

Reduction is a solo album by Peter Banks. The album was assembled by Peter Banks & Gerard Johnson on 22nd July 1997.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Diminuendo In Bloom (1:38)
  2. Tone Down (6:57)
  3. The Age Of Distortion (4:28)
  4. Fade To Blue (2:49)
  5. Fathat (3:49)
  6. As Night Falls... (2:32)
  7. Consolation In Isolation (4:24)
  8. Dirty Little Secret (3:59)
  9. As Ever (2:09)
  10. Pirate's Pleasure (4:20)
  11. Rosa Nova (9:11)

Musicians Edit

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