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Title: Medium Rare
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Type: Studio/Live Album
Released: 2002
Label: Voiceprint
Producer: Rick Wakeman

Medium Rare is an album by Rick Wakeman, and is Volume 6 of the Treasure Chest collection. It was released in 2002.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Jane Seymour (4:45)
  2. Beyond (1:45)
  3. g) The Microcosm Suite - Quida (1:55)
    a) The Microcosm Suite - The Sun (1:50)
    b) The Microcosm Suite - Callhinor (1:57)
    c) The Microcosm Suite - Egoniaga (1:54)
    d) The Microcosm Suite - Quiggin (3:28)
    f) The Microcosm Suite - Healey-Kae (1:55)
    h) The Microcosm Suite - Kalum Koll (2:08)
    e) The Microcosm Suite - Bodor (2:08)
  4. Flyin' (3:30)
  5. Robot Man/Paint It Black (8:50)
  6. After Prayers (6:40)
  7. Your Move (3:35)
  8. The Realisation (3:45)
  9. The Suicide Shuffle (5:35)

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