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Title: Master Strokes: 1978-1985
Artist: Bill Bruford
Type: Compilation
Released: 1986
Recorded: 1978-1985
Label: E.G.
Producer: Bill Bruford, Ron Malo, Robin Lumley & Patrick Moraz

Master Strokes: 1978-1985 is a ccompilation which features tracks from the Bruford albums "Feels Good To Me," "One Of A Kind," and "Gradually Going Tornado," plus three tracks pulled from the Patrick Moraz/Bill Bruford albums "Music For Piano And Drums," and "Flags."

Track Listing Edit

  1. Hell's Bells (3:32)
  2. One Of A Kind (Part 1) (2:20)
  3. One Of A Kind (Part 2) (4:00)
  4. Travels With My Self - And Someone Else (6:14)
  5. Gothic 17 (5:07)
  6. Palewell Park (2:59)
  7. If You Can't Stand The Heat (3:24)
  8. Five G (4:41)
  9. Joe Frazier (4:43)
  10. Living Space (3:52)
  11. The Drum Also Waltzes (2:53)
  12. Split Seconds (4:39)
  13. Fainting In Coils (6:34)
  14. Beelzebub (3:20)
  15. The Sahara Of Snow (Part 2) (3:30)

Musicians Edit

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