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Title: Live In Massachussettes '83
Artist: Asia
Type: Live Album
Released: 2004
Recorded: 1983
Label: Voiceprint
Producer: Asia

Live In Massachussettes '83 is a live album by Asia. It was recorded in Massachusetts in 1983, and released in 2003.

Track Listing Edit

Disc One Edit

  1. Wildest Dreams
  2. Time Again
  3. The Heat Goes On
  4. Eye To Eye
  5. Only Time Will Tell
  6. Geoff Downes Keyboards Solo & Steve Howe Guitar Solo
  7. Beginnings
  8. The Valley Of Rocks
  9. Clap
  10. Midnight Sun

Disc Two Edit

  1. Don't Cry
  2. The Last To Know
  3. Open Your Eyes
  4. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
  5. Here Comes The Feeling
  6. Carl Palmer Drum Solo
  7. Sole Survivor
  8. Heat Of The Moment

Musicians Edit

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