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Title: Live In Alexandria, VA
Artist: King Crimson (ProjeKct Three)
Type: Collector's Club Album
Released: February, 2007
Recorded: March 3, 2003
Label: Discipline Global Mobile
Producer: King Crimson

Live In Alexandra, VA The 34th Collectors' Club release. Recorded March 3, 2003 at Birchmere Theatre, Alexandria, VA

"Almost always Robert, Trey and I soundcheck before Adrian. He likes to get in and out of the venue as soon as possible so he comes just before. The rest of us would come early, rehearse and practice all the way through. So it wasn't that peculiar that Adrian wasn't there right away. Then as it got closer to the end of soundcheck and he still wasn't there that's when the decision was made to offer a refund or have P3 play. It was fairly last minute." - Pat Mastelotto

Track Listing Edit

  1. Introductory Soundscape
  2. Improv I
  3. Level Five
  4. Improv II
  5. The Power To Believe (Part II: Power Circle)
  6. Facts Of Life
  7. Sus-tayn-Z
  8. The Deception Of The Thrush
  10. Q & A

Musicians Edit

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