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Title: Live
Artist: Rick Wakeman
Type: Video/DVD
Released: 1998
Length: 58:00
Label: Castle Communications
Producer: Rick Wakeman

Live, or Rick Wakeman Live is a DVD/Video by Rick Wakeman. It was released in 1998.

"Recorded at Nottingham Studios for Central Television. It was good fun at the time. Says it all really!!! Well there are other live performances I would rather have in my collection to be honest. The Strawbs recorded a show in the same series although I haven't seen it." - Rick Wakeman

Track Listing Edit

  1. Catherine Parr
  2. Elizabethan Rock/Make Me A Woman
  3. Anne Boleyn
  4. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth
  5. Merlin The Magician

Musicians Edit

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