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Title: Fish Out Of Water
Artist: Chris Squire
Type: Studio Album
Released: Novemeber 1975
Recorded: 1975
Length: 42:30
Label: Atlantic Records
Producer: Chris Squire

Fish Out Of Water is the title of Chris Squire's first and only solo album. It was released in 1975 during a break between duties for his band Yes. Bill Bruford, Patrick Moraz, and other members of Yes in its various incarnations contribute to the record, while Squire employs his signature bass skills as well as performance of all guitars. The album is in the same vein as the Yes album of that year, Relayer, though the sound is more fleshed out with the help of a full orchestra and the jazz context of "Lucky Seven".

Squire's staple thematic oratorio appear on this album. First, the Fish (also his nickname) appears in the title, referring to being out of the usual Yes oeuvre; second, the number seven, manifested as the seven-minute, 7/8 time signature piece "Lucky Seven".

The first track begins with a short fanfare style introduction played on the organ at St Pauls Cathedral, London by the cathedral organist Barry Rose. The organ continues throughout the song creating an original sound and revealing Squire's experience as a church chorister in his boyhood. Much of the keyboard work on the album is by Andrew Jackman, Squire's former bandmate in The Syn.

It had been out-of-print outside Japan and Europe, but was reissued by Wounded Bird Records on February 28, 2006.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Hold Out Your Hand (4:13)
  2. You By My Side (5:00)
  3. Silently Falling (11:27)
  4. Lucky Seven (6:54)
  5. Safe (Canon Song) (14:56)

Musicians Edit

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