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Title: 90125
Artist: Yes
Type: Studio Album
Released: November 14th, 1983
Recorded: Early 1983 - August 1983
Length: 44:49
Label: Atco Records
Producer: Trevor Horn

Not originally planned as a Yes album (the working group name was Cinema), with musician and guitarist Trevor Rabin taking on lead vocals and writing, it was suggested by producer Trevor Horn that Jon Anderson be brought in to expand the vocals. Other reports about Anderson's involvement say that he was played tapes of the recordings by Chris Squire and then decided that he would like to join the recording session.

The title of this album came from the Atlantic / Atco catalog number for the record, which is 90125. (7 90125-1 for the 12" LP, and 7 90125-4 for the cassette).

The Atco UK number is 790 125.

Reached #5 in the US charts, and #16 in the UK.

Track Listing Edit

  1. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (4:29)
  2. Hold On (5:16)
  3. It Can Happen (5:29)
  4. Changes (6:20)
  5. Cinema (2:08)
  6. Leave It (4:14)
  7. Our Song (4:18)
  8. City Of Love (4:51)
  9. Hearts (7:39)

Bonus Tracks (2003 Re-Issue) Edit

  1. Leave It (Single Remix) (3:56)
  2. Make It Easy (6:12)
  3. It Can Happen (Cinema Version) (6:05)
  4. It's Over (5:41)
  5. Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Extended Remix) (7:05)
  6. Leave It (A Capella Version) (3:18)

Musicians Edit

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